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We at GlimmerSpectacles believe the customer is the central part of are whole operating system. The Women who rock our styles are adventurous, inspirational and of course badass. A Glimmer Star is always the best dressed in the room. Her confidence is what truly shines, but her Glimmer Specs adds that extra sparkle. We strive to provide awesome service, unbeatable prices and the hottest trends.

Our company was once based in the heart of Downtown San Diego, but we have moved our headquarters down to the east cost in Tampa, Florida. In addition, we ship globally to Glimmer Stars around the world.

We are always on the lookout for the newest and most daring styles. Whether it’s that perfect Glam Cat sunnies for a day to the beach, or a cute vogue pair for running errands, there’s something for every occasion in our collection. Snap a picture of you being a #GLIMMERSTAR in your Glimmer Spectacles and share it on Facebook, and Instagram.

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Size chart


Face Size Guideline

Face Size(Temple to Temple) Suggested Frame/Sunglasses Size
Below 115mm or below 4.5 inches Small
115mm or 4.5 inches Small
121mm or 4.75 inches Medium
127mm or 5 inches Medium
130mm or 5.125 inches Medium
135mm or 5.25 inches Medium
152mm or 6 inches Large
Above 152mm or above 6 inches Large


Framing Size

Frame Size Eyeglasses Sunglasses
Small below 48mm below 55mm
Medium 48mm-55mm 56mm-64mm
Large  Above 55mm Above 64mm


Find your current frame size

You may also use a pair of sunglasses you currently own to determine your best size. Frame sizing is typically noted on the inside of either temple (see illustration below). The eye/lens size is usually first, then the bridge size, then temple size. Use the eye/lens size to determine the best frame size.

The eye size is typically going to be the most important size for identifying how a pair of sunglasses will look. The eye size number measures the width of the lens, measured from the bridge, in millimeters. The bridge width is the distance between the lenses in millimeters. And the third number is the length of the temple in millimeters.

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